Always wear eye protection in the form of goggles, masks, or shooting glasses, or safety glasses. Never remove your eye protection while on the battlefield. Regular prescription glasses are NOT acceptable as safety eyewear. Must meet ANSI Z87.1.
  1. Always Keep The Muzzle Pointed In A Safe Direction
  2. The Replica Should Be Unloaded When Not Actually In Use
  3. Don't Rely On Your Gun's "Safety"
  4. Be Sure Of Your Target And What's Beyond It
  5. Use Correct Ammunition (Cheap/bad quality bbs will break your replica)
  6. Always Wear Eye Protection When Shooting
  7. Be Sure The Barrel Is Clear Of Obstructions Before Shooting
  8. Have the rifle serviced regularly
  9. Learn The Mechanical And Handling Characteristics Of The Replica You Are Using
  10. Keep Your Replica concealed in a Hardcase / Rifle bag. Don’t walk around with it in Public
The “Game Moderator” is the final approval for all field decisions, the calling of games, resolutions on all conflicts and issues, and responsible for all safety related items and events that occur on the field. If a conflict or discrepancy arises that cannot be solved between groups, the game is stopped and the game moderator makes the final decision regarding the conflict or discrepancy.
The *Safe Zone* is the area on the playing field where no weapons will be fired at any time. Keep your magazine out of your rifle and switch your rifle to safe.
All integrity violations and non calling of “hits” will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Failure to or noncompliance with calling hits will result in an immediate ejection from that day’s game event.
The definition of being “Hit” is when the airsoft BB Hits any part of the players clothing or body. Once a player is “Hit”, He or she will raise their weapon over their head and shout *HIT*. After the fact is established, and the opposing player knows the situation the player will walk out of the battle area and return to the re-spawn zone with their weapon over their head.
Anyone can be one. The “medic tape” is designed to be COF Airsoft’s main Medic rule. It’s just a normal white masking tape roll that you will be supplied with. You’re also more than welcome to bring your own. When a player has been shot. He can be moved around by another teammate. But, keep in mind that if the player that you are trying to move around gets shot again, you will also be hit. When you are confident that the injured player is in a safe enough area, you can start to apply the tape (3 rotations) around the upper arm. The player is now active again. If he gets shot again the same must be done on the other arm. When both arms have been taped and he gets shot a 3rd time, he will need to go to your team’s respawn device/area.
The term “CODE RED” will be used for any real world injury. Once “CODE RED” has been shouted all players will holster their Replicas, put them on safe, and remove the magazine. They will now proceed to make the area as safe as possible, so that we can assist the player and get them the help they need.
Blind man will be called if anyone enters the field without eye protection, when a blind man is called the game stops immediately, and only continues when the marshal calls “Game On”.
All airsoft weapons will be checked by “game moderators” and checked by chronograph prior to every game.
Absolutely no physical contact at any point between players or moderators is permitted. Anyone found to be breaking this rule will be immediately asked to leave the field and banned until further notice from all events.
Blind Firing is never permitted. Look through your sights! All violations of blind firing distances will result in immediate expelled from the game.
This is a potentially dangerous situation, and is treated as if they don’t know we are playing a game. All players are expected to walk to the “Safe Zone” in plain sight, either with their guns over their head or leaving their guns in the field. Upon reaching the “Safe Zone” each player is to place his replica with his gear and gather in a group at least 20 feet from the gear. This is to provide safety by comforting the officers by removing any equipment that appears threatening to them. Game play is not commenced until we explain the situation and are allowed to continue.
No real firearms or other weapons are allowed at any time.
High Cap magazines can only go semi auto. The high cap we are talking about is the one that has that winding wheel underneath the magazine. We belief that this magazine type kills the support gunners role. We have decided that players with midcaps will be allowed to use burst fire and players that have highcaps will be restricted to semi fire only. You can still have highcaps on you with midcaps, just remember to fire semi with your highcaps. This should allow players that have heavy support guns to maximize their potential and bring us a more realistic game feel.(Exceptions can be made for exotic/rare replicas, just ask the organizer)
Anyone acting as a sniper with an upgraded bolt action/ semi only rifle over 400 fps (1.5j) must carry a sidearm that can be used alternately when engaging targets closer than 20 meters. If you have no sidearm and find yourself too close to the opposing force, you may either a) wait until they move to a safe range or b) relocate to a safe range. Do not fire at targets closer than 20 meters. Do not fire at people’s faces. Snipers who cannot play their roll safely will be banned from playing the role. (Snipers cannot use the bang rule)
A 5 meter “bang kill range” will be observed for all weapons, or whenever you feel there is a safety issue with taking the shot. This will be obtained by pulling out a sidearm or pointing your current weapon at a target and shouting “BANG” A safety kill cannot be called on multiple people at once. You must always honor a safety kill and return to your re-spawn. Anyone found to be abusing the safety kill rule will be asked to leave the field. Remember you are ultimately responsible for anyone or anything injured by your projectiles.
Please take note; these are not the Jacket Joule/FPS rules. They are the rules for all *COF Open game days*

AEG / GBBR / HPA (Assault)
(OPEN GAME 1.5 Joule)
  • BB 0.20 FPS 405
  • BB 0.23 FPS 380
  • BB 0.25 FPS 370
  • BB 0.28 FPS 345
  • BB 0.30 FPS 330
  • BB 0.33 FPS 310
  • BB 0.36 FPS 300
  • BB 0.40 FPS 280
  • BB 0.43 FPS 270
  • BB 0.46 FPS 255

AEG / GBBR / HPA / SEMI only (DMR)
(OPEN GAME 2.0 joule)
  • BB 0.20 FPS 465
  • BB 0.23 FPS 435
  • BB 0.25 FPS 415
  • BB 0.28 FPS 395
  • BB 0.30 FPS 380
  • BB 0.33 FPS 360
  • BB 0.36 FPS 345
  • BB 0.40 FPS 330
  • BB 0.43 FPS 315
  • BB 0.46 FPS 300

Bold action/ SEMI Auto large caliber (Snipers)
(OPEN GAME 2.3 joule)
  • BB 0.20 FPS 500
  • BB 0.23 FPS 465
  • BB 0.25 FPS 450
  • BB 0.28 FPS 420
  • BB 0.30 FPS 405
  • BB 0.33 FPS 390
  • BB 0.36 FPS 370
  • BB 0.40 FPS 360
  • BB 0.43 FPS 340
  • BB 0.46 FPS 320