HELL JACKET - Eagles Wings

Start date
04 Sep, 2020 PM 4:00
End date
06 Sep, 2020 PM 1:00

Well, here goes...

This will be a ridiculously long jacket game.

<We are scouting locations /venues at the moment>

You need to be there on Friday, 17:00 on September 4, 2020. No exceptions. You cannot show up later.

Requirements (so far)
XP required 85xp. You Need to be a COF-Family member.
No moaning.
No dishonorable conduct.
No sissies.

Are you tough enough?

Rewards: 20 xp a day - this you can only earn at the end of the operation. You will also be getting an awesome looking patch that only a few will ever have the honor to wear.