Let’s start the story of Chapter 23. “The Black Blade”

With the GDI slowly moving down towards the town of rooikat. They were suddenly stopped by a group of unarmed men. The GDI commander jumped out, and rallied three of his most trusted guards to accompany him. Hesitantly he approaches the unknown group - Shouting commands at them, they offer up no resistance. One of the men pointed out to the GDI commander to answer his phone, then immediately, it started ringing. He hesitates to answer it but soon cautiousness gives way to curiosity.

The person on the line identifies himself as the BBR commander. “I’m here to make a deal. One ton of pure gold for Captain Clancy.” The Blue Commander thinks for a bit. He realizes that if he takes this deal, he will be guilty of high treason and most probably hunted for the rest of his life by the Emperor’s loyal blood hounds. However, he can join with the BBR and be a rich man.

Abandoning everything the “Defense Codex” taught him, he orders all the GDI to stand down and release the prisoner once he arrives at the basecamp. The BBR tells them that the gold will be delivered, the second captain Clancy is released. (Blue Failed to deliver Captain Clancy to the Dropoff site +0)

Following the GDI to their base camp they spot a few unknown people entering the town. It looks like a big group of farmers, coming to look at the convoy. Naturally this makes the GDI feel nervous. They make a quick request for the BBR to follow them to their base camp located in the “thousand thorns”.

With No BBR negotiators in the town the LA forces started preaching to everyone about Kabar and the world quest of the Green Eagle. With their strong charismatic leaders, they convinced a large amount of towns folk to start following the way of the Cobra. *(+50 to LA)

Finally reaching Thousand Thorns, Blue quickly started putting up a base of operations, while waiting for the prisoner to arrive. The BBR also helped them set up security. Allowing them to completely construct the base without any interruptions *(+50 GDI)

With a big roar of its powerful engines a massive “Eagle smasher gunship” lands close to the GDI basecamp. Opening its doors, it reveals a tough looking man handcuffed and escorted by two big Imperial soldiers. One of them speaks “prisoner ID-085 ready for transport” as they hand over the prisoner. With the ground shaking the powerful craft takes off again. It’s clear now why the prisoner was dropped off at the GDI base. There simply no room for an aircraft that size to land at the UN drop off site.

With the Aircraft roaring away, the BBR safely approach the GDI base and drop off a massive crate of pure gold. The Blue commander smirks. “We have a deal!” He hands over Captain Clancy and orders the convoy to get ready to move towards the UN base. The BBR immediately sneak away with their valuable VIP *(BBR +50)

The Blue commander orders the convoy to start moving. It slowly creeps along until one of the engineers notice that there’s a strange noise humming from the engine. Immediately He puts out a warning for the convoy to stop. It was then that the LA forces attacked. Struggling to get his tools together, he works quickly with a few others to fix the problem. Unbelievably he finally manages to fix it, and in the process make it more reliable *(+25 to GDI)

Being completely outnumbered their only hope was the town of rooikat. The commander orders everyone to retreat towards the town. He hopes that it will allow them to safely move towards the backroads. There, it will be easier to move their secret cargo to the UN base.

As they approach the town an RPG struck the car on its side, tilting it over and spewing its cargo all over the road. *(+25 LA) One of the GDI men grabs the container with the cobras remains and runs into a random house, hoping that the LA forces will not notice him. The Blue commander tries to follow him but is struck down by gunfire almost killing him. He desperately tries to make contact with the BBR for assistance but they’re still trying to get captain Clancy to a safe location.

A few soldiers quickly capture the blue commander and take him prisoner. They also pose for a few propaganda pictures. But the LA commander is very worried that the cobras remains are nowhere to be found. He orders a few search teams to try and locate it, but unfortunately, they couldn’t locate the container *(+0 LA)

With all the activity in the own. The BBR finally reach their base of operations with their valuable Captain with almost no resistance. The Suitcase Man was amazed at the efficiency the new commander did the contract and awarded him a large bonus. *(BBR + 100)

With the LA forces looking everywhere for the Cobra, they decided to attack the small little UN base and raid their supplies. There was a prison there as well, so they just threw the GDI commander in there and successfully captured him *(+200 LA) *(GDI couldn’t reinforce the UN base +0 GDI)

The GDI finally retreats back to their main base where they are met by one of the emperors most trusted officers, looking for an update on their situation. With great anger he realizes what the previous GDI commander did. With swift action, he orders his execution and then takes over as the new commander. (Same blue commander – different character)

“Brothers, we have reports from the UN forces that one of their radars stations is busy transmitting an unknown signal to the old town of jacket. It was busy transmitting this signal just before the LA forces attacked. We speculate that it could be one of the 3 stations located around the town of rooikat. Our mission is to locate the radar station that transmitted this signal and investigate what caused it. There is also a large number of weapons and ammunition located at these stations. We have no need of it, so the Lion of the world has ordered us to destroy it. Let the heretics sift through the ashes and regret the Emperor’s wrath!”

With great haste the GDI moved towards radar station 3 and discovered a small box that was attached to the radio operators’ desk. Not knowing what it might be, they quickly recovered it and transported it back to the main base. Successfully disabling the device *(+50 GDI) Following the Lions call. They also destroyed all the weapons and ammunition. At radar station 3 *(+50 GDI)

The LA forces were getting ready to move on their own objectives;

“Comrades, the Green Eagle has ordered us to secure the weapons and ammunition the UN forces have so carelessly left at their radar stations. We will need a way to transport them. Our 4x4 razor will do the job but the bloody thing is giving us problems again. Go towards the town and look for a person named “Tiktok”. He will most probably have the tools and parts we need to fix her. Remember, do not let him know you are from the Liberation army”.

While moving towards the radar stations, they were approached by the BBR looking to make a deal. They also required the weapons and thought it might be a good idea for them to team up and share the valuable hardware. They were also looking for one of their lost recon soldiers that haven’t reported back in the last 3 hours. Hopefully with the LA’s assistance, they will have a better chance to locate him.

While some of the LA forces were looking with the BBR for the lost soldier, the commander and a few of his body guards moved towards the town to make contact with Tiktok. At first, he was very scared and confused but quickly calmed down when he realized that they were just a bunch of hunters looking to repair their broken car. They handed over a good amount of “south African currency” and got all the tools they need to fix the car. Tiktok never realized that he was doing business with the LA *(+50 LA)

The BBR never located their soldier but with the help of the LA, they did get the suitcase that he was carrying. *(+50 BBR) Unfortunately, because of communication issues, the suitcase never reached the BBR’s base *(+0 BBR) and because communication between them was a problem, their alliance didn’t last very long. The BBR and LA broke their agreement and started shooting at each other, now fighting over the supplies.

Eventually the LA managed to repair their car *(+50 LA) and transport all the ammo and weapons from radar station 1 to their Liberation Army Base *(+100 LA)

The BBR couldn’t find any way to transport the ammo and weapons from radar station 2 so they decided to move it by themselves, leaving a lot of equipment behind *(+25 BBR)

The LA commander was now in big trouble. He was being hunter by the BBR and the GDI troops. Most of the town support the LA but there are still a few GDI loyalist.

“The Green eagle has given us orders to retreat back to Jacket, but there’s a problem. Our long-range communication dish cables have been chewed up by Marina’s pet goat. It doesn’t work anymore! We will need to use one of the UN radar stations to call in a few UN choppers. We will then hijack them and safely retreat back to Jacket. The UN forces are everywhere and the GDI dogs want revenge. Be careful comrades. May Kabar bless us with great haste and keep us safe!”

At Radar station 3, they manage to convince the UN troops over the radio, that their UN Base drop off site needed assistance, and a few choppers to extract their wounded personnel, they also told them to land at helipad 2. The UN troops had no idea that the LA forces were the ones calling in the choppers. *(+50 LA)

With the choppers on their way the LA forces move towards the helipad, preparing themselves for a big confrontation …But there was no GDI or BBR recon teams to stop them. *(+0 BBR & +0 GDI) The GDI knew they were about to lose the LA commander. They also knew that he will be airlifted out by UN choppers. So, they made a tough call and deployed one of their long-range AAA missile systems in the town using the generator to supply power to the unit.

It was then that the town and the LA moved open them! A massive firefight broke out to try and stop the GDI from targeting the UN choppers. With casualties mounting on both sides the GDI radios the BBR commander for assistance. He will only help if the GDI transfers 2.3 million into his own personal account. So, out of desperation, the GDI pays him immediately.

With the LA forces growing in numbers around the site it looked grim for the GDI. It was only going to be a matter of time before they get completely overwhelmed. Suddenly a small elite squad of BBR soldiers started flanking the LA forces from the northern side of the town. Pulling fire away from the missile system. Allowing it to take aim and fire at the unaware pilots of the UN helicopters.

With lights blinking and a warning sounds screeching, the pilot takes action, deploying flares and successfully dodging the first attack. Both choppers land safely at helipad but are immediately highjacked by the LA. They force the UN pilots to get off and run away, while they push their own into the pilot seat. The commander of red orders his teams to start boarding as he stays behind covering their retreat.

As the chopper starts taking off, the AAA Missile system in the town gets another bleep on its radar system, locking on to the next target. The GDI takes aim with their final rocket. They pray a few words from “the defense codex” then fire.

This time the LA pilot wasn’t aware of where the chopper’s defensive counter measures were, pulling and pushing everything to get it to react but it is to late…

With one final war cry over the radio “Kaaaaaaaabar is great!” the missile strikes the chopper detonating its powerful payload and killing everyone on board, instantly. *(+25 GDI) (+25 BBR)

The LA commander got on board the 2ndchopper and safely fly off, escaping successfully (100 +LA)

The GDI and BBR failed in their mission to capture or kill the LA commander *(+0 BBR & +0 GDI)

The news that the GDI shot down a UN aircraft was spreading like wild fire through the region. Angry protesters pushed the GDI and the BBR out of the town and destroyed the missile system. News channels around the world documented the event. And sympathy for the LA’s cause grew. But with out the Cobra’s remains this operation felt like a massive waste of LA’s time and resources *(+50 LA moral bonus)

The BBR retreated back towards their secret base in the mountains. There they were met by the legendary Captain Clancy. They have suffered a lot of setbacks over the years but this felt like a small victory. They managed to rescue their captain and keep him safe throughout the day. The day was tough but now is the time to celebrate. *(+100 Moral bonus BBR)

The GDI will need to take control of this situation. It’s quickly spiraling out of control, somewhere in the town is the Cobra’s remains. They will need to get it back before the LA forces discover it. But the town is now under LA control. The next chapter will be a difficult one for the GDI. They will need the “Immortals of the Emperor” to have any chance of taking back control *(+25 GDI Moral bonus)

BBR – 50 + 100 + 50 + 0 +25 +0 + 25 + 0 +100

=350 (+50 Dramatic award)

GDI – 50 + 25 + 0 + 50 + 50 + 0 + 25 + 0 +25


LA – 50 + 25 + 0 + 200 +50 +50 +100 + 50 +50


Dramatic award goes to BBR +50 You guys played your roll perfectly.

Congrats LA! May Kabar smile upon you and bless you with many goats.