Chapter 22 was a very intense one. Let’s begin!

The day started off with the BBR forces occupying iraqie and the LA forces surrounding them. The BBR was successful in clearing out the town from the fanatical Kabar worshipers, and securing a priest in the process. The Green eagle was not going to just let this slide with no retaliation. He immediately ordered all of the LA forces to attack the town and reclaim the priest. While they were busy setting up their base they discovered an old mine with some of the iraqie residents mining it. The Green eagle claimed the old mine, and the miners there, and ordered them to mine for the glory of Kabar! It was very easy to convince them. They all see the Green Eagle as a true prophet of Kabar.

The BBR was very heavily outnumbered. It was only going to be a matter of time before the LA forces claim the town and the valuable cargo they are transporting.

Unbelievably, the GDI immortals showed up with their overwhelming firepower - Pushing the LA forces out of the town. A powerful voice shouts. “The emperor greets you mercenary! What are you doing here?” The BBR commander replies “We were just passing through, and these towel heads attacked us! We appreciate the help…” (Successfully allied +25 GDI)

The LA forces have now started mining operations in the north and are successfully gathering large quantities of gold per hour. So much gold that they can easily use some at the black market down in the south east. But unfortunately for them, the GDI main base is located almost next to it. The LA commander decided to gather a small elite force and try reach it. (+25 LA for mining operations)

It wasn’t long until the GDI uncovered what the BBR was hiding. A crate that had strange symbols on it, it could only be one thing. The emperor’s holy engineers wasted no time identifying it. This was a piece of Dreadnought armor, more specifically, a helmet. The kind that was meant to house a seriously injured comrade, a veteran that can no longer fight as a normal soldier. Strange, it seems that there’s already “someone” inside it… (+50 GDI for discovering the contents)

SM the “Suitcase Man” was incredibly unhappy with Captain Clancy. He didn’t keep the cargo safe and now the GDI has confiscated it. SM ordered a large group of BBR soldiers out of area, abandoning him with his new GDI “friends” The captain cannot survive without the aid of this unknown BBR investor. He needs to get his trust back
(+0 BBR for not keeping it a secret)

With the GDI helicopters now moving in to pick up the Iraqie priest, they radioed the commander to check if the airspace was secured. With little thought he decided to give it the “all clear’’ …The LA SAM system locked on to the doomed chopper and fired two long range ground to air missiles. Both of them hit and destroyed the chopper. Luckily, the pilot bailed out and landed safely at the black market.
(+50 to LA for mounting the SAM system and hitting the target)

Eventually the LA forces moved stealthily down towards the black-market, and discovered a previous BBR officer there. He told them that he has access to an old artillery system just south east of iraqie. The LA commander wasted no time buying the piece. (+25 to LA for bringing the gold to the black market) The iraqie residents could now also access the black-market from the mine site. (+25 to LA for establishing “smugglers road”) The LA forces also discovered the GDI pilot there before the GDI could recover her. (+25 to LA for discovering the pilot)
With the GDI in complete control of the town, they started destroying the inferior weapons that the LA forces were stockpiling. The BBR did nothing to stop them (+0 to the BBR for allowing the weapons to be destroyed.) Then a small GDI force discovered the Red Sam Car up in the north and requested an engineer to help bring it down. But with the GDI focusing on the church it was only a matter of time before the small group was eliminated by the LA forces moving north from the black-market with the GDI pilot. But, just before they could video tape her execution, the pilot was hit by friendly fire and died from her injuries. (+0 GDI who couldn’t recover the pilot in time) & (+0 to LA who couldn’t video tape the execution)

With the amount of action up north the BBR and GDI decided, it would be a perfect opportunity to move the LA priest out of the area. Using the east road out of iraqie, a group of BBR and GDI were successful and destroyed LA’s chances of completing their assault mission (+25 BBR +25 GDI +0 LA)
They were also successful in keeping the VIP alive with their field doctors and specialists after he tried to kill himself. (+25 BBR +25 GDI)

With so many LA forces close to the car and gold mine, the GDI forces had little to no action at the church allowing them to successfully destroy all of the liberation army’s stockpile. (+25 GDI) and keeping the church in tact (+25 GDI) Now that the GDI controls the Church in Iraqie, it will only be a matter of time before the religion of Kabar is outlawed, and the emperors church takes its place.

Furiously the Green Eagle commanded all of his forces to take back the town and reinforce the kabar worshipers in the police station. But the GDI was already in the governors building, waiting for them. The LA commander had enough of these dogs and ordered an artillery strike on the governor’s house, almost destroying it completely and killing most of the blue forces on the inside. However, this made the building very unstable and unpredictable. The LA commander issued orders to exit the building until an engineer can repair it.

With the Church now under full GDI control, it was now time for the police station. There were still a few Kabar worshippers in there that fortified it into a fortress, but their time has now come. In true GDI immortal fashion, they stormed the station. Then they placed an explosive device in there and finally, destroyed the whole building. The LA forces failed to reinforce the police station and all of the Kabar worshippers perished. (+50 GDI)

The LA forces retreated up north and waited for the Green Eagle to send reinforcements. But he already left when he saw iraqie was a lost cause, leaving his forces without leadership and retreating to the town of jacket. It was now up to the LA commander to lead them. He ordered them to hold on to the SAM system and gold mine, then scout the town to see what the GDI & BBR were up too.

The GDI and BBR forces tried to enter the governor’s house but quickly realized that they will need to repair it first. After lots of casualties they eventually succeeded in repairing it, allowing them to move the secret cargo safely inside. (+25 GDI)

Almost right after they repaired the building, a call came in from the next chopper pilot. Asking if the airspace was now secured. The blue commander knew that the AA system was still operational and wasn’t going to risk another bird. He told the pilot to turn around and return back to base. (+0 GDI)

Captain Clancy; “well boys, it seems like my job is finish… So, I’ll be going now”
GDI immortal soldier of the emperor; “I’m sorry sir, you are not going anywhere”

BBR – 50 +50
GDI - 250
LA – 150 +50

Dramatic award goes to LA for their cries of “Kabar is great” near the end of the game +50
Sportsman awards goes to the yellow / BBR +50

Congrats GDI. The Emperors finest!