Chapter 21 was a very interesting one. Let’s begin!

Assault mission: |BBR = 0 |GDI = 25|LA =100|

The day started off with LA recon teams and their spotters rushing towards the “destroyed town” and giving the GDI immortals a very difficult start. It was there that the firepower of the emperor’s finest was tested for the first time with deadly consequences. The recon teams were pushed out of the area and was forced towards the “hot gates”. While retreating, they encountered the BBR’s mercenary forces. They were looking to get into their base camp to deploy their Jammer.

The GDI forces failed to support them and they were pushed out of the area towards the ‘’Old base”. There they took heavy causalities. They never managed to deploy the jammer, failing in their assault mission completely. (BBR + 0)

LA was now in the “Old base” The Lion of the world rallied his forces to try and push them out of the area but was met with massive resistance. The Lion was almost ready to bombard the point with an artillery strike but was knocked unconscious by sniper fire, missing the opportunity completely. The LA’s war cry to Kabar was so terrifying, it made the rest of the GDI forces retreat towards the BBR’s base. By this time the “Eagle Smasher Gunships” was about 30 mins out, and the LA SAM system was still operational. The Lion knew that time was running out. He needed to get to that target as quickly as possible.

With a lot of effort and time wasted they eventually pushed through and took the “Old base” but could only watch helplessly as one of the gunships was hit by anti-aircraft fire.

With one final shout over the radio, he sacrificed himself to the glory of the Immortal Emperor. Flying into the GLA’s temple and destroying it. (GDI + 25)

With LA forces still operating the antiaircraft systems, they successfully repelled the rest of the gunships, succeeding in their main Assault mission. (LA + 100)

Support mission: |BBR = 100 |GDI = 75|LA =125|

With the Lion of the world and the immortals about 70 meters away the LA antiaircraft operators were heavily outnumbered. Their only hope was to convert the SAM system back into a machine gun platform but that was going to take time, and there was no engineer to assist them. Being desperate they started modifying it themselves. This took way longer than it would normally takes the average engineer, but they had no choice.

Unbelievably, the GDI forces and BBR forces decided that moving back towards the “hot gates” was a better option leaving the 3 soldiers to complete their work. (LA + 25) Now armed with a technical, they regrouped with the Cobra and attacked the “Destroyed town” easily pushing through.

The immortals couldn’t believe their eyes… They were losing! Again, they were forced to retreat into the “Rogue forest” but not without leaving a small surprise behind.

The Cobra looked through the destroyed town for the lost supplies, when he come upon a big black box. Thinking it was the supplies, he opened it. (Booby-trap!) With a large explosion the Cobra was trapped under the rubble of the house. Quickly the engineers went to work to try and rescue him. But work was made difficult by GDI gunfire. Eventually, they found the Cobra. He was badly injured. The engineered shouted for a field doctor but no one replied.

In the distance they can hear one “Eagle Smasher Gunship” turn around. He was called back by the Lion of the World to run a bombing run on the “destroyed town” With the technical now converted to a machine gun platform, there was no way to stop the gunship. Quickly they drove off to find help but, by that time it was already too late. The Cobra told all his comrades to not grief for him, soon he will be with Kabar. With teary goodbyes he ordered his officers to retreat. It was at that time the first bombs started falling, sealing the Cobra’s fate. There was nothing that could help him now.

One of the LA soldiers retreating from the area saw that one of the gunship’s bombs knocked open a strange hatch from a secret underground bunker. Quickly scouting it, he discovered the missing supplies plus hundreds of strange looking boxes. Scared that they could also be booby-trapped, he only took the supplies (LA +100)

The GDI moved into the town and quickly discovered the remains of the Green Eagle’s finest general. The Lion smirked as he cut the head off and paraded it around the immortals. “Brother’s we will show the world the truth! Come get your glorious leader scumbags!” He shouted. (GDI +50)

The BBR heard the news on the GDI radio frequency. They were still waiting for their supply drop at the BBR base. Worried that the LA forces could move south towards them, they immediately requested GDI support. Wasting no time the GDI forces moved south towards them. There was now a massive group of soldiers around the BBR’s base, waiting for a Liberation Army attack that never came. The Supplies were drop off with no resistance giving the soldiers much needed aid. (BBR + 100) (GDI +25)

Recon Mission: |BBR = 50|GDI = 0|LA =100|

It was now time for the Lion to move towards the LA temple and destroy it in front of his media. Rallying his troops he marched out of the swamp and immediately was ambushed by LA recon teams. As he shouted for support he was hit by a legendary LA sniper bringing him to the ground. (LA + 100)

feeling completely overwhelmed he ordered a retreat. The Lion suffered tremendous casualties while attempting it. The BBR tried to assist but was also overwhelmed.

It was at this time that the immortals learned, that the killing of the Cobra was not going to demoralize these heretics. They were completely unprepared for the fanatical Kabar worshipper and made a crucial mistake in underestimating him. The Emperor must learn of this! (GDI + 0)

Before leaving the area the GDI needed to pay the BBR for their services. A meeting was arranged between them. They will meet in the destroyed town, that’s where the transaction should take place. But because of the chaos and miscommunication, the payment was done at their BBR base. (GDI = 50) This made it impossible for them to complete their mission (BBR + 0)

The GDI started abandoning the area and left the BBR behind to escape by themselves. They moved towards the destroyed town where they discovered the strange black boxes that the LA troops left behind. Captain Clancy face was in shock. “Hey ladies, do you even realize what these areeee? (BBR + 50)

The story continues in Chapter22 The Emperor’s Return!

Final score:

GDI – 100 + 50 Dramatic award + CCP 286 = Final score: 436
LA –325 + 50 Sportsmen award + CCP 555 =Final score: 930
BBR – 150 + 50 alliance award + CCP 232 = Final score: 432