Good day Gentleman & Gentle Ladies

Chapter 20 was a tough one, let’s begin.

With the Local warlord’s forces joining with the Liberation Army. The LA force was absolutely overwhelming. The Warlord and the Cobra also had the BBR commander and was torturing him. It was only a matter of time before he broke down and give up the information about the hidden BBR stash. The bulk of the BBR forces had retreated into the Black forest and were just trying to survive. The situation looked grim for both the GDI and BBR combatants.

The BBR had three big objectives, one was to make radio contact with their new base, the second was to regroup and resupply the new location with ammo and weapons. The final one was to rescue their commander in the warlord’s house.

The day started with two elite BBR soldiers establishing communications with their lost troops by quickly scavenging a satellite dish at the old Black Blade Runner’s destroyed base (BBR +25). It was then that they received radio communication from the GDI, offering assistance in liberating their captured commander. The GDI had suffered tremendous losses in the last campaign, and was looking to abandon their faction to join up with the BBR. This would allow them a chance of escaping the area and returning back to their headquarters. It was then that both decided to go into an alliance.

The Liberation Army moved towards the black forest to hunt down the BBR soldiers, but they were intercepted by the GDI troops. This gave the BBR troops a chance to move out of the danger area, and move towards their new base of operations close to little forest. Successfully getting all of their supplies safely there. (BBR +25)

GDI succeeded in suppressing the LA troops but was now running out of time to secure the BBR commander. The BBR attacked the house from the Forest of Whispers and the GDI tried to attack from the west near Rattlers Den. Both attacks failed and were forced to retreat.

The BBR commander realized that the guards stopped watching him and tried to escape by himself. As he tried making a run for it, he was surprised by two LA soldiers who immediately kicked him down and started beaten him to near death. He was so badly injured that he needed two field doctors to stabilize him. This was when he finally cracked and spilled all the beans on the supplies hidden at the Mine.

With no need for him anymore, they moved him to the Black Market where they negotiated a price for his release. It took a bit longer because there was a bit of a language barrier between them but eventually a price was reached and the BBR humiliatingly paid it. (LA +25)

With the LA forces knowing that the information they just received from the BBR commander already lies in the hands of the GDI, they moved quickly to secure the supplies. But arriving at the Truck, they realized that it was sabotaged. There was an important part removed and it was hidden somewhere in the black forest.

After a bit of searching it was the BBR that discovered the part (BBR +25) with the help of the GDI troops. Unfortunately for the GDI, with their troops so far away from the Mine, it was going to be impossible for them to hold that location. The Liberation Army slaughtered all the GDI troops stationed there and claimed the mine supplies for their own. Now they just needed to get the transport truck working again.

The GDI was now in complete disarray and it wasn’t long before their field leader was captured by the LA forces. (LA +50) This put a serious knock to their moral, and it was obvious that it will be very difficult for them to recover from it.

With no GDI resistance forces at the mine, one of the two chinooks that was deployed to do the pick up at 14:30 was easily brought down by AA fire. Killing both pilots and forcing the other chopper to retreat. (LA + 25)

This was a massive loss for the GDI.

The warlord couldn’t wait any longer, He needed to move out of the combat zone as soon as possible. The LA forces really wanted to collect the supplies, but had to abandon all of it, when the Cobra ordered them back. The BBR moved very close to the house and waited for the escort to start moving so that they can infiltrate the house and steal all the valuables inside.

Suddenly, GDI artillery started targeting the building, forcing everyone inside to retreat with the warlord towards the first waypoint. BBR tried tirelessly to enter the building but there was still a small group of LA forces guarding the truck that put up heavy resistance.

When the Warlord arrived at the second waypoint, he was shocked to realize that he was without his favorite gem, the “Blue star of the east”. Fortunate for him the LA forces guarding the truck, moved inside the house and retrieved it. (LA +25) The gem was successfully returned to the Warlord with not much effort.

He moved out of the combat zone with little to no resistance and was successfully moved to the town of Jacket where he was welcomed as a hero and a new ally to the LA cause. (LA + 50)

The BBR arrived late that night and finally fixed up the truck. They drove around for hours looking for any survivors, but only a few were discovered. They slowly moved towards the mine where they finally started loading up the supplies. (BBR +10 Story ending points)

Final score:
LA – 175 + 50 Dramatic award
BBR – 85 + 50 Sportsmen award
GDI – 0 + 25 alliance award
Congratulations to the Liberation Army!