Howzit guys! Jacket 19 was a great game!

Here’s what happened.

The game started with a few recon players entering the field and trying to setup ambushes for the opposing enemy forces. The BBR(yellow) got a little lost on their way to the black market. Their mission was to deliver an anti-aircraft system. The LA(red) forces entered the warlords house and secured the weapons inside. The GDI(blue) moved stealthily towards the mine, to try and stop them from delivering the equipment.

The red forces encountered heavy resistance when they were ambushed by blue at the mine site it was clear that securing the mine was going to take some time. This allowed the yellow forces to gain their bearings and move almost unopposed towards the black market.

When they finally arrived. The dealer inspected the car and discovered a faulty battery. He wasn’t willing to take the AA system until that problem was solved. The Yellow commander set a course towards the warlord’s house to hopefully scavenge a battery there.

(Yellow has succeeded in their 1st part of their assault mission. 25 POINTS. time was 11: 32)

It was at this time that blue was starting to take heavy causalities at the mine, but there was still a few elite blue forces that wasn’t willing to give up without a fight. Delaying the red team a bit longer from reaching their objective.

Yellow entered the building and almost immediately discovered the new battery in the warlord’s workshop. With great haste they returned to the black market to start the repairs but there was a huge problem. The yellow engineer was killed by a blue recon spotter team, forcing him back towards the respawn. The Yellow commander asked his support player if he could attempt to replace the battery by himself.but it ended up to be too risky for him to attempt.

The blue was finally overwhelmed by the red forces at the mine and met up with the dealer there. The dealer was very happy with the weapons but he needed the weapons to reach the town of Jacket before 14:00. This can only be accomplished with a transport helicopter. There was also LA trucks on the way but they would never reach the mine in time.

(Red has succeeded in their 1st part of their assault mission. 25 POINTS. time was 11: 57)

Red needed to disable the AA system and Yellow was still struggling to get the AA guns operational. Yellow decided to send an elite group back towards their main base to escort the engineer back to the black-market while a small group defended the AA truck and camouflaging it in thick vegetation.

With the red team moving through rattlers den and the yellow escort team moving through the forest of whispers, yellow stealthily avoided the bulk of red’s forces, allowing them to reach the black market. A very tired engineer started working on the AA truck without any tools. But managed to finally install it, taking him about 30 mins to do so.

(Yellow has succeeded in their 2nd part of their assault mission. 50 POINTS. time was 12: 37)

Yellow has now finally completed their contract and the system was successfully delivered, but decided to stay and mount the main guns to stop the reds helicopter from picking up the weapons at the mine. The reds were now running out of time and couldn’t locate the AA truck, giving the BBR a nice clean shot on the reds LA transport chopper. Killing the crew and the hopes of delivering the weapons on time.

(Red failed their 2nd part of their Assault mission. 0 points. time was 13:00)

GDI command didn’t want to risk losing their own chopper and pulled out of the area giving the blue forces no hope of retrieving the weapons crate. Leaving it to the red LA troops that eventually moved it out of the area using transport trucks.

(Blue completely failed their Assault mission. 0 POINTS. time was 13:00.

Red forces where now massing around the AA site, really pissed about their chopper. Killing BBR combatants left and right. It was a complete slaughter… but, there was still one left. The commander of the yellow team. If the red’s capture him, it will be a massive 200 points. Deciding that the BBR cause is more important than his own life, he jumped off a cliff and killed himself. Making it impossible for the red LA forces to capture him.

(Code Red. Time was 13:20)

With all the Yellow forces dead or retreating, Red captured the truck and started moving it towards the warlord house.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a blue ambush! Coming from rattlers den, killing a few red players but just not having the numbers to overpower them. This is where Blue’s commander was shot and needed to be stabilize, but unfortunately for blue, it was the red doctor that got to him first and just like that. Bang! He was captured.

Moving blue’s leader inside the warlord’s house made them uncover the SCUD missile. Being suspicious of booby-traps an engineer started inspecting it while a specialist tried to modify the truck to launch the SCUD, but not knowing what he was doing, he randomly started to tape it up with medic tape to keep it together…

After the engineer finished inspecting the rocket he was horrified to discover what the “Specialist” did. But with the power of Kabar, he figured out a way to fix it. *Phew*

(Red has succeeded in their 1st part of their support mission. 25 POINTS. time was 13: 57)

The Cobra ordered some of his forces to stay behind and guard the Blue team leader while he and a few other LA forces moved with the SCUD towards the jungle of spears.

Little did they know that the blue leader was setting up a recon team to do an airstrike on the warlord’s home. The first strike killed everyone inside the building while the other red forces looked on in amazement. They run in to try and secure the VIP but a 2nd and 3rd strike killed them as well. There was now only two red players remaining to keep the VIP from escaping.

Knowing this, He took the chance and tried to run away, but he was stopped close to the jungle of spears. There he was moved towards the SCUD to better protect him.

Losing their leader and support players, some yellow tried desperately stop the SCUD from hitting the yellow’s base. But with no leadership or support it proved to be impossible. Their only hope now was that blue could reach red in time, and stop the launch.

Blue got within 40 meters of the SCUD but it was too late. The engines ignited and the missile soared towards the BBR base. Destroying it and massively crippling the BBR’s presence in the area.

(Red has succeeded in their 2nd part of their support mission. 50 POINTS. time was 14: 30)
(Blue completely failed their support mission. 0 POINTS. time was 14:30.
(Yellow completely failed their support mission. 0 POINTS. time was 14:30.

With the BBR base in complete ruin the LA forces were contacted by the WARLORD hiding somewhere in the black forest. He was ready to return home, feeling a bit more confident now that the BBR threat was neutralized.

Knowing that they needed to get to him quickly but also still need to capture the blue VIP properly, they decided to split onto two groups. One to watch the Blue Leader and another to go look for the Warlord.

The Blue leader tried a couple more times to escape but was ultimately captured giving red a massive 200 points!

(Blue VIP was captured by Red. 200 Points. Time was 14:55)

It looked like the Blue players decided to sacrifice their leader to try and capture the WARLORD. Moving through the dark Forrest they finally discovered him hiding at the silos. Blues recon team was ordered to move towards the black market with him and buy an armored truck, so that they can move the warlord safely out of the area

(Blue has succeeded in their 1stpart of their recon mission. 25 POINTS. time was 15: 03)

Yellow was now just surviving, trying their best to not be killed or captured by Red forces. The focus on the mission was now a 2nd priority. Some BBR forces escaped and were paid well for the movie rights. But unfortunately most heroic soldiers died while trying to look for their beloved commander.

(Yellow completely failed their recon mission. 0 POINTS. time was 15:30.

Red intercepted the Blues convoy and killed all the GDI soldiers there. They also managed to rescue the warlord. He was safely escorted back to his house, where he finally met the Cobra in person.

(Red has succeeded in their 2nd part of their recon mission. 25 POINTS. time was 15: 30)

This victory to the LA forces has inspired the Warlord to invest even more resources towards the LA’s cause. Bringing them one step closer to the complete control of Jacket.

Kabar smiles on all of you today.

Final Score:
Yellow 50 + 50 Dramatic award = 100
Blue 25 + 50 sportsmen award = 75
Red 275 (winners)
No C&C points awarded in chapter 19