Morning guys! Here’s what happened during Jacket chapter 18

The morning started off with blue taking control of the town and holding the bunker where the barrels were. After a 20 mins firefight the red recon team called in an artillery strike! It was very effective and killed all of the blue players hiding inside the bunker. The reds quickly moved to secure it, but was unaware that a second bombardment was in progress… The second strike killed one of the red recon players and left the cobra injured just outside of the bunker. Lucky for him, he was supported by a 20 man team moving up take control of the situation, forcing the blue team to retreat.

The barrels were damaged and unfit for transport. The red commander was forced to request tools to repair the barrels but the transport helicopter was 30 mins out. The blue team learned of this and started attacking the helipad trying to keep the repair kits away from the bunker, but the red had an elite team in that area that repelled the attack. The chopper encounter light resistance and managed to land safely. A four man assault team moved all the repair equipment safely to the bunker and an engineer started repairing the barrels.

It was at that time that they learned that a comrade was driving towards the town with an unknown cargo. The red commander kept the bulk of their forces in the town to receive the cargo and send a second stealth team to drop off the barrels at the twins.
After about 5 mins of time the engineer indicated that the repairs were completed and the barrels are ready to be transported. The blue Commander knew that the barrels were going to the twins and started setting up and elite team of specialists to ambush them at the drop off point.

The reds were unaware of what was waiting for them at the twins and was surprised with gun fire coming from the two buildings. It was then that the blue specialists knew that without heavy support fire coming from a well-trained support team, keeping the twins out of the reds hands will be impossible. Unfortunately the backup never arrived and all the specialists were killed in the skirmish.
The red stealth team successfully dropped of the barrels and contacted the Cobra to inspect them.

(Assault mission completed by RED +100 points)

The red commander met up with the driver that indicated he was transporting valuables but was unsure of what he was carrying. The commander asked two red engineers to inspect the cargo and they made a discovery. The car was carrying a large amount of gold. It was obvious that it needed to be protected, so a support team mounted the car and were instructed to protect the cargo. The blue commander rallied the last of his forces to attack the car to discover what the GLA were hiding. With Blue attacks coming in from all angles the support team managed to stay alive and keep the cargo safe. They had a few close calls but ultimately succeeded in their support mission.

(Support mission completed by RED +100 points)

The recon teams on both sides have been searching all day for any clue to where the BBR headquarters might be. It was near the end of the day that Blue finally met up with the BBR ambassador that was very eager to work with them, but required a large amount of money to secure his services. The ambassador indicated that the gold that was send to the village was his payment but now lies in the hands of the red GLA players. Blue command tried to move from the east of the village to try and catch the reds off guard. The attack did what it needed and successfully damaged the car so that driving it was a difficult task. The commander knew that the blues have learned of the gold and ordered an engineer team to fix the car quickly. The red engineer tried his very best, but could only partially fix the engine. He just didn’t have enough people to work with him. The reds had no choice now, they needed to get out of the area and quickly so the Cobra rallied everyone and they started to extract out of the village towards the black-market. There they can use some of the gold to hire a boat crew to take them back to the town of “Jacket”
With the blues taking heavy causalities in almost all of the encounters it was very difficult for the GDI to put up one final fight and try and secure the cargo, but there was a few die hards that give it their all! …but ultimately red extracted without much resistance.

(Recon mission partially completed by Blue +50points)

CCP points

A. Blue 2:38 Red 1:59 // B=158 R=119
B. Blue 2:45 Red 1:52 // B=165 R=112
C. Blue 1:13 Red 3:27 // B= 73 R=207
D. Blue 0:50 Red 3:41 // B=50 R= 221
E. Blue 1:36 Red 2:57 // B= 96 R=173
Dramatic award goes to red +50 points
Final score!
BLUE//542 + 50 = 592
RED// 832 +100 +100 +50 = 1082