Good morning everyone. I trust you are still alive and well after chapter 16?

Excellent, let's begin!
At the start of the day Red team started moving the supply crates to the collection point but encountered a large group of blue resistance. They eventually overpowered the blue's ambush with a great pincer movement that gave them control of that area. A risky move by a brave red engineer also got them the Blue MRM that forced the blue team to respawn else where. Luckily for Blue a engineer managed to capture the red team's MRM and allowed the Blue Players to re spawn about a 100 meters west of the collection point. They pushed hard to retake the supply boxes but Red team successfully held out for 30 mins, securing them the assault mission - 100 to Red
With blue team hammering the collection point red was forced to move east towards the house to await the beginning of the support mission. Blue team realized what they were trying to do and moved up towards them to try and stop them, but Little did they know that a small group of red was moving towards the helipad with the BBR Gold in their possession. The Blue commander accidentally switched hes radio to a different channel and wasn't notified of the mission. This allowed the red to move up to the helipad with almost no blue resistance. The Red team secured the objective and was rewarded with one airstrike they could use on any CCP. - 100 to Red
Red team feeling very confident, moved towards the Black forest to ambush blue recon players that were on their way towards the recon mission. A large group of Red gathered at the Black forest CCP when they were notified that their commander was captured and being held at the house. Realizing just how much the Blue team could gain from capturing him they all agreed that he must be rescued. So Red decided to leave a small recon force to compete the mission while the bulk of their forces tried to retake their commander. Red team got the first part of their recon mission done. by getting there first and destroying the 3 red cards. -50 to red
Blue team managed to hold on to the Red teams commander gaining them a massive boost - 200 Blue.

Red tried to enter the house where the VIP was hiding, But just couldn't get to her in time and failed to move her to the little forest north of the field. @ 15:30 the recon mission info was leaked to both commanders and Blue was the team that eventually extracted her gaining them. - 50 to blue

The dramatic award was awarded to Blue but red also manage to impress the marshals and generals so only 50 points will be awarded to blue. 50 - Blue

CCP Score

Blue 2:57 = 177
Red 1:45 = 105

Forest of whisper:
Blue 3:35 = 215
Red 1:03 = 63

Blue 0:57 = 57
Red 3:50 = 230

Black forest:
Blue 1:26 = 86
Red 3:26 = 206

Blue 2:02 = 122
Red 2:40 = 160

Total for Blue: 657 + Mission points 300 = 957
Total for Red : 764 + Mission points 250 = 1014

Congrats to the Red team. This was a very close game!
Chapter 17 will be hosted next year. Keep an eye on the Airsoft calendar for details.